Book of the Month Unboxing + Micro Haul

I was so excited to do a Book of the Month unboxing this month. The choices were out of this world. Now, I have to admit I haven’t been super excited about the choices the last few months. But this box gave me hope. So let’s talk about what I got. Also, I did buy one book outside of Book of the Month this week. I know I said I wasn’t going to, but you’ll see why I did in a bit. Plus, I’m doing another major unhaul soon, so I can justify it. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself, hahaha.

The Maidens

Just take a second and click here to read the synopsis. I’ll wait here…………….

Ok, now that you’ve read the synopsis you can understand why I had to have this. It is combining dark academia with a murder mystery, and I’m here for it. Give me all of the dark and broody vibes. I also have to mention that I’ve already devoured this and it’s just as good as the synopsis sounds.

Malibu Rising

I have to admit I didn’t know a lot about this one, but I trust Taylor Jenkins Reid. Daisy Jones and the Six blew me away and I don’t expect anything less from Malibu Rising. I’m definitely saving this for our summer vacation.


Lastly, I bought Mistborn. I want to jump into Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere. I bought The Way of Kings, but then I heard that Mistborn is a better place to start. So I purchased a used copy. I have already started it, and I’m really enjoying it right now.

So that’s my Book of the Month Unboxing and micro haul. I hope you enjoyed it! What Book of the Month option did you choose?

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