A Crazy Wednesday Update

I had such a cute shop with me post planned for today, but that didn’t go as planned. It started out great. My in laws came over for breakfast. We had my husband’s famous breakfast burritos. They were so tasty.

After they left we had to take our cat to the groomer. He’s a long haired cat and our vet recommended giving him a summer cut.

Then we headed to Rome, Ga to get my oil changed. This is where things get crazy. While we were eating lunch our groomer called and said that our cat was not enjoying his time at the groomer.

So we headed back home. I was planning to go to Barnes and Noble, but I had to go get my baby cat. Once we were there he was better and she was able to finish his treatment. I guess he was just nervous for his first time. Once we got him home he went back to being the happy, relaxed kitty he always is.

So today didn’t go as planned. I’m just now settling in to read. I hope to finish up Mistborn sometime this week. I mean I’m really loving it but I’m not making great progress. So that was my day. I hope you guys had a good day. What are you guys reading? I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “A Crazy Wednesday Update

  1. At the moment I am reading Peter Pan. It is so different in the cartoons!
    And after that planning to buy My first Harry Potter book….
    I love all these whimsical, magical,mysterious kind of things…

    Happy Reading.

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