The Heir by Benèt Stoen Review

The Heir by [Benét Stoen]

It’s no secret that I’ve been loving fantasy lately, so I was really excited to review The Heir. I want to thank the author for giving me a copy in exchange for my honest review. Let’s get to it.

Finn has devoted his life to saving Weilders from the kingdom of Lavdia. Suddenly, Finn is abducted and forced to work for his supposed enemy. Andromeda was selected to be the Mother Queen to continue the royal line. But her life has been full of betrayal and pain. She plan’s to seek revenge, but she can’t do it alone. With the help of Finn, she will dig to the depths of the kingdom’s corruption.

My Thoughts on the heir

I enjoyed my time reading The Heir. However, there were a few things that might have helped enhance the story, but I will get into that in a bit. Right now, let’s talk about the most important part. It was fun. I enjoyed every minute of it. There wasn’t one dull moment, and I was engaged the entire time. And enjoyment is everything.

The premise of The Heir was exciting, and I enjoyed the politics of it. But I will say it’s dark. Andromeda’s mental health was a huge topic. She had been through so much, and her mental health seemed to deteriorate throughout the book. I can’t claim to understand the mental health problems she had, but to me it seemed to be an accurate representation.

My main issue with The Heir came at the end. It felt rushed and there wasn’t any sort of conclusion. I understand ending on a cliff hanger, but I would have enjoyed it better if there had been at least a little bit of closure. But, despite that, I still enjoyed The Heir. And now I have to read the next book in the series, because I want to know where it goes from here.

My Rating: 3/5


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