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As I mentioned in my August TBR I’m starting The Wheel of Time Series this month. I’ve wanted to start it for a while, but I kept putting it off. Luckily, an Instagram friend organized a casual buddy read so I decided to participate.

So as of today I’m a little over halfway through The Eye of the World and I’ve really enjoyed it. I honestly think it could be a new favorite. Jordan throws you right into the story, so it takes a minute to catch up, but it’s done in an enjoyable way.

I will say that I’ve sort of hit a dead spot right at the moment, but I expect it to pick back up quickly. One thing to note about this series is Jordan is VERY descriptive. If you don’t like that this one might not be for you. But I’m loving it. He’s created this lush, wooded scenery that I could just absolutely devour.

So that’s my experience starting The Wheel of Times series. I’ll probably check in periodically throughout my time reading this series. And of course, I’ll continue my reviews. I hope you guys have had an awesome Wednesday. I’ll talk to you again on Friday.

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