Cozy Reading Essentials

It’s fall and it’s actually chilly here. It’s the perfect time of year to retreat to your nearest book nook and read. Here are a few of my favorite cozy reading essentials.

A Blanket

I can’t focus if I’m cold, so I keep a blanket in my reading chair year round. And it’s even better on a chilly night. It’s one of the most comforting feelings.

A Comfy chair

This is my reading chair. It’s in the corner of my book room and it helps me to have a designated reading place. I can be a bit of a workaholic, but this is my cozy place. It helps me separate my work space from my reading space.

A Warm Beverage

A warm beverage helps to enhance the cozy feelings. It can be any drink of your choice. Right now, I’m on a hot chocolate kick. And you get extra cozy points if the mug has a fun literature pun on it.

A Fun Reading Light

I never realized how much light influences the feeling of a room until I started decorating my house. Lighting changes everything. I’m not a fan of harsh, bright light. I like just enough light to see my book. I also prefer warm lighting. I’m such a fan of this lamp. It kinda reminds me of a lantern.

A Reading Buddy

A reading buddy is optional, but it makes the experience so much better. This is my two year old cat, Meow Meow. If I’m in my reading chair he’s usually with me.

So those are a few of my cozy reading essentials. What are a few of yours?

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