Creepy Poem#3: Spellbound by Emily Bronte

Y’all we are a week away from Halloween. I’m so excited but at the same time I’m not ready for it to end. I’ve really enjoyed all the Halloween fun. So here is one more spooky poem to enjoy before the big day. 🎃


The night is darkening round me 
The wild winds coldly blow; 
But a tyrant spell has bound me 
And I cannot, cannot go. 

The giant trees are bending 
Their bare boughs weighed with snow. 
And the storm is fast descending 
And yet I cannot go.

Clouds beyond clouds above me
Wastes beyond wastes below;
But nothing drear can move me;
I will not, cannot go.

I love the Bronte sisters and I really love this poem. It’s so eerie and atmospheric.

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