Visiting The Yellow Daisy Art Festival

Last weekend my husband and I took a little trip to Stone Mountain Park to visit The Yellow Daisy Art Festival. I’ve heard about the festival for years, but I’ve never visited it. So, we decided to make the drive and go see what it’s about.

We started out early on Saturday morning. Stone Mountain is about a two-hour drive for us. And if you’re going to get parking at the festival, you have to get there early. We stopped on the way and got an avocado toast and a pumpkin donut from Dunkin Donuts, which kind of eased the pain of waking up at 4:30 in the morning.

We got to Stone Mountain at nine. I thought that the crowd would be off because of the rain, but that wasn’t the case. It rained all morning, but there was still an excited buzz in the air.

Yellow Daisy Art Festival

This is the first booth we stopped at, and it’s my favorite for obvious reasons. I would like to say I was being a proactive blogger when I took this picture, but honestly, I took it because I want to order that shirt lol. But I did buy a mug from them. It’s adorable. Their name is Carpe Librum Crafts if you want to check them out.

Yellow Daisy Art Festival

The next thing I bought was a blown glass mushroom that’s going in my herb garden. It’s the cutest thing.

Lastly, I bought a handmade vest that can be worn two ways. It’s perfect for fall. I can see it becoming a favorite. Overall, we really enjoyed the Yellow Daisy Festival. I wish the rain had stopped, so we could have taken our time. But it was still a fun festival.

Stone Mountain Park

While we were there we decided to go to the park and see all of the attractions. I noticed they were starting to set up for their pumpkin festival, and I was so excited. We went to the pumpkin festival one year and really enjoyed it. But this year they have several new displays. I think my favorite was the giant octopus.

The park itself was sort of disappointing. A lot of the shops and stuff were closed, so it felt like we didn’t get the full experience. But we did get to ride on the train, and play putt putt, so that was fun at least.

Afer we finished at the park we stopped into Carrabba’s for a late lunch. Did a little Halloween shopping at Michael’s and Target. Then ended the day with a Nutty Pumpkin Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Seriously, if you’ve not tried this drink you need to. It’s amazing. And then we headed home to dry off and end the night with a cozy cup of tea. We really enjoyed our time at The Yellow Daisy Art Festival. I would love to visit again next year.

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