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The Cozy Fantasy Book Tag was created by my friend over at 24hryabookblog and I think it’s perfect for this time of year. There’s nothing better than picking up a cozy fantasy and cuddling under a blanket with a cup of tea. So, let’s get to it.


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1. Let the journey begin! What’s the first “cozy fantasy” book you’ve ever read.

So, I know the “cozy fantasy” subgenre is still relatively new, but I’ve read some books in my childhood that I think fit the concept. The first one that came to mind was Tuck Everlasting. Now it does have high stakes, but a majority of the book is cozy. I wanted to live with the Tucks, and I absolutely still do.

2. Name a book that’s not marketed as “Cozy Fantasy” but feels like it.

Ok. I need you to hear me out on this one. I know Cackle is technically marketed as a horror novel, but it has some cozy aspects to it. The town itself feels like Stars Hollow. There are farmer’s markets, coffee shops, and yummy food galore. So, it’s cozy with a little bit of creepy thrown in.

3. What’s a fantasy setting you would be comfortable living in and why?

I want to live in the world of The Tea Dragon Society. Mostly because I want a tea dragon.

4. Name a cozy fantasy book on your tbr & the perfect treat to go along with it.

Legends and Lattes is on my tbr and I would pair it with a cruffin from my favorite coffee shop in town.

5. Pick a book that was described as “cozy fantasy” or fantasy book in general that was described as “comforting” “wholesome” & “cozy” but didn’t meet your expectations + explain why

I can’t think of anything for this particular prompt. While I love cozy fantasy, I’m still relatively new to it. And a lot of stuff that I’ve read in the past is the complete opposite of cozy.

6. Is there a cozy fantasy/comforting fantasy book you’ve read (or you’ve seen) that you feel is underrated or under-the-radar?

I think Aquicorn Cove is underrated. The Tea Dragon Society has a ton of hype around it, but Aquicorn Cove is just as cozy.

7. Fantasy book that leaves you feeling happy, full of joy or coziness.

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson usually leaves me feeling happy. There’s a lot at stake that happens in the books but the humor and friendships between the characters offsets that some. Plus, how could I not be happy when M-bot and Doomslug are involved?

So that’s the Cozy Fantasy Book Tag. This was a ton of fun! If you want to play along, I tag you. But be sure to link back to the creator.

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5 thoughts on “Cozy Fantasy Book Tag

  1. This is a fun tag although I hadn’t realised that ‘cosy fantasy’ was actually a thing now. I’m obviously well behind the times.

  2. AHH LOVED READING YOUR RESPONSES, thank you for taking part in the tag! It’s made my day 🥰 I haven’t read Acquicorn actually, but I’ve been meaning to, it looks equally sweet like K’s other books.

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