BOTM Unboxing: March 2023

I’ve been a Book of the Month member in the past, but I cancelled my membership when my tbr started to get overwhelming. But recently I’ve noticed that the selection has been even better than it used to be. I couldn’t resist joining when there were three books that caught my eye this month. Let’s get to my BOTM unboxing.

The London Seance Society

I read The Lost Apothecary when it came out and I really loved it. So, I was excited to see another book from the same author. And I was even more excited when I realized it was going to have a ghost element. I can’t wait to dive into The London Seance Society.


Weyward was a cover buy honestly. I don’t know a lot about it, but the synopsis sounds amazing as well. It follows three strong women across several generations. Then when I read that witchcraft and the power of nature, I knew I needed to check this one out.

The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi

Pirate stories aren’t normally my thing, but The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi sounded intriguing to me. It has a bit of fantasy and mystery mixed in and that sounds like a great mix to me.

So those are the books from my March 2023 BOTM box. What did you choose this month?

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11 thoughts on “BOTM Unboxing: March 2023

  1. Great choices. I’ve read The London Seance Society and loved it. I have Weyward to read at the moment and want to read your third one. I just hope they’re as good as they sound.

  2. I got Weyward and The Adventures of Amina Al-Sarafi as well! Just finished Weyward and absolutely loved it! I’ve got a copy of The London Seance Society headed my way from a different book box, too!

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