April 2023 Reading Journal Update

Welcome back to the blog. Today we’re going to dive into my April 2023 reading journal update. Just a fair warning, if you’re looking for a perfectly aesthetic reading journal post, this one isn’t for you. It’s pure chaos over here at Wildwood Reads. If you read my March 2023 update post, you’ll know I forgot how to count. And apparently that carried over to April as well, but we’re going to ignore that. So, let’s get to the pure chaos that is my reading journal.

Bookshelf Page

My color for March was green. My color for April is purple. We have these gorgeous purple flowers growing in our yard right now, so I took inspiration from them.

This shelf is filling up VERY quickly. I wish it was bigger because it most definitely will not be able to fit all of my 2023 reads on it.

Book Bingo/Book of the Month

I only filled two book bingo spots up this month. I spent almost all of the month reading Oathbringer, so I didn’t have a lot to play with this month.

Since Oathbringer was the main book, I focused on of course it had to be my book of the month. But I really did enjoy it.

Book Challenge Pages

I’m doing good on my 50 book challenge. But I got a little excited filling in my 100 books challenge. So please ignore that because I definitely am, hahaha. I’m just going to color over it and move on.

Monthly Page

The monthly pages aren’t too exciting, but I love starting a blank page each month.

Reading Tracker/Reading List

I really enjoy how the reading tracker is coming along. I think it’s going to look great at the end of the year.

Lastly, we have my reading list that has now expanded to the second page. Also, I discovered that I had been filling it in wrong all along. I was supposed to be noting the page numbers but instead I was writing the date I started the book. But that’s the great thing about reading journals, you can customize and make them your own.

So that’s my April 2023 reading journal update. Hopefully, next month will be less chaotic, but I doubt it lol.

BAM! Books-A-Million

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  1. what a great update! Its awesome how you make each month a different color for the pages!! Ooh I want to plan some sort of daily reading tracker too that looks so fun <3

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