Little Eve

It’s going to be a week of reviews. I’m wanting to get caught up on them before the end of the month. So, let’s review Little Eve.


On the wind-battered isle of Altnaharra, off the wildest coast of Scotland, a clan prepares to bring about the end of the world and its imminent rebirth.

The Adder is coming and one of their number will inherit its powers. They all want the honor, but young Eve is willing to do anything for the distinction.

A reckoning beyond Eve’s imagination begins when Chief Inspector Black arrives to investigate a brutal murder and their sacred ceremony goes terribly wrong.

And soon all the secrets of Altnaharra will be uncovered.

My Thoughts on Little Eve

Little Eve took off from the beginning. The crime is discovered, and we have all the facts. Or so we think. After the first chapter the story backs up and tells how the murders come about. Usually, I really enjoy that structure but this time it little slow. There were a lot of details that were overanalyzed that ended up not being important. That slowed the pace down a lot.

Toward the end the pace picked up and the plot came together. And there were a lot of twists that I didn’t expect. Really the end of the story saved this one for me. I did enjoy the overall atmosphere and cult aspect, but it just seemed to drag a bit.

My Rating: 3/5


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