Baking Yesteryear Recipe Taste Test

Hey,guys. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a recipe taste test. I don’t know why because these are some of my favorite posts to make. But I knew when I got my hands on a copy of B. Dylan Hollis’s Baking Yesteryear I would have to do one. So let’s get to it.

Pecan Dainties

Today I’m making the very first recipe in the book. It has a total of three ingredients and I had them all on hand so I figured it was meant to be. Plus, I’m a pecan praline fan so I was hoping it might be an easier alternative.

To start the recipe you toast your pecans in the oven for ten minutes. I don’t know what it is about toasted pecans but that smell is addictive.

Then you beat the egg whites into stiff peaks. A Kitchenaid Mixer does wonders for this step. I’ve done it by hand before and I was not a fan.

Then you chop your pecans into coarse pieces. I honestly could have went smaller but this size worked fine.

Then you fold in your brown sugar and pecans.

And then boom you have easy three ingredient cookies. I know I didn’t even remotely line these up to the stencils. Mind your own business, hahaha.

I absolutely love this cookbook and the finished product. They do have that praline quality that I was looking for. For any of my family and friends reading this just know I will probably make them for every get together from now own. They’re so, so good.

I bet Baking Yesteryear is going to become one of my absolute favorite cookbooks. I had such a hard time picking one recipe for this post so I might do more than one. We’ll see. But until then I hope you have an awesome day and have a sweet treat. You deserve it!

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  1. I love watching B. Dylan Hollis’ videos so I’ve been very curious about the cookbook. Thanks for sharing your experience with this recipe!

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