2023 End of the Year Goals

Well, we’ve made it to the end of the year and that’s mind blowing. Let’s talk about some 2023 end of the year goals.

Book Buying Ban

It’s getting close to Christmas, and we’re going on vacation in January, so I need to save some money. Plus, I’ve taken buying books for granted so it’s time to go on a book buying ban. I’m going to try my hardest not to buy anything until our vacation in mid-January. I would say until the end of January but there’s a bookstore where we’re going, so I know that wouldn’t work out.

Start Devotional

I recently have felt led to write a devotional. I never really planned to write a book, but God works in funny ways sometimes. So, I want to start writing this devotional soon. I’ll probably do the bulk of the work next year, but I need to start the framework. I’ll probably share some updates about this every now and again. I’ve never written a book so any advice would be great lol.

Finish The Cosmere

My last goal of the year is to finish The Cosmere. I made a big chunk in it at the beginning of the year, and it’s time to wrap that up. I only have Warbreaker and the White Sands graphic novels to go. Then I’m going to start on the Secret Projects.

So those are my 2023 end of the year goals. What do you have planned for the end of the year?

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6 thoughts on “2023 End of the Year Goals

  1. Best of luck with your writing project. I know devotionals can seem short and quick in what they offer each day, but I know a lot goes into preparing for one!

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