Mid Year Wrap Up

I don’t understand how it’s already time for my mid year wrap up, but it is. I have to say my reading year so far has been a bit underwhelming. I’ve only read a few books that have really stood out to me. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve been slumpy a majority of […]

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June 2021 Wrap Up

Ah, June. June was a trip. It feels like it’s been years long, but at the same time it flew by. This month has been hectic. We’re in the process of rebuilding our church, so a lot of our time went to that this month. That has been a huge blessing, but I didn’t do […]

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A Crazy Wednesday Update

I had such a cute shop with me post planned for today, but that didn’t go as planned. It started out great. My in laws came over for breakfast. We had my husband’s famous breakfast burritos. They were so tasty. After they left we had to take our cat to the groomer. He’s a long […]

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Tides by Patricia Morais

Tides is a novella written by Patricia Morais. It was originally published in Portuguese, but it’s recently been translated to English. If you’re a supernatural lover you’re going to love this. Keep reading. When children start to go missing from a fishing town, Ada Hughes, starts to worry about the safety of her brothers. Tide […]

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Another Book Unhaul

My last unhaul didn’t even make a dent in the amount of books on my shelf. So I decided to do another one. This one is going way back to books I bought years ago. I don’t know why I’ve held on to them for this long. But today it’s literally out with the old […]

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