Books in my Pangobooks Shop

It’s been no secret that I’ve loved Pangobooks. I think it is an amazing app that connects booklovers. It’s basically a marketplace for books. You can buy and sell from the same app. Plus, when you do sell a book, you can either use your Pangobucks to buy new books, or you can have it […]

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Another Pangobooks Haul

I haven’t done a book haul in a while, and I think it’s time. So here are a few books I bought from Pangobooks. I still love this app so much. And the best part is I used my Pangobucks for every purchase, so I didn’t have to spend anything out of my bank account. […]

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Spring Cleaning Book Unhaul

My physical tbr is huge right now and it’s overwhelming me, so it’s time to do some unhauling. I was debating what to read after I finish Elantris and after staring at my shelf for about fifteen minutes I’ve decided that I have no interest in a lot of the books on my shelf, and […]

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