January 2021 Bullet Journal Spread

I love bullet journaling. I’m new to this. I’m obviously not a professional, but I love creating. For Christmas, my husband gifted me a watercolor set so my goal this year is to learn how to use it. I decided my bullet journal would be a great place to start. So this is me documenting my progress on a new skill. This is month one, so here we go! Check out my January 2021 bullet journal.

Cover Page/TBR List

This is where my journey began. I decided to do a zodiac/galaxy theme for January. I’m a Capricorn baby and I wear that badge proudly. I decided to do this fun little galaxy-inspired wash of color. This is also where I learned my first watercolor mistake. When it dries the colors are more muted than when you begin. It was a beautiful gradient, but then it dried down dull. My friend who watercolors said layering is key. Even with the mistakes, I’m happy with the results.

The next page is my tbr list. It is just a much simpler wash of blue. I used rubber stamps and ink to do all the headings, and I like the look of it. My tbr list is slightly over-ambitious. I haven’t even made it halfway through Needful Things, but here’s to hoping. My January 2021 TBR post on the blog is slightly more manageable.

Review Page/Book Bought Page

I continue the wash of color throughout my spread. I decided to alternate from blue to purple. The next page is pretty simple. This is where I keep track of all the books I need to review.

My books bought page is where I keep up with how much money I spend on books. It keeps me accountable. I like to think that I won’t buy any this month, but it’s my birthday month. I’m definitely going to buy a few.

Books Read Page/ Wrap Up Page

My books read page is where I keep up with how many books I’ve read. I also like to keep up with the number of pages I read. This number really means nothing, but I still like keeping track of it.

Lastly, my wrap up page. This page is the most important at the end of the year because I use it to quickly figure up my totals.

So that is my January 2021 bullet journal. I really had fun creating this. I know it’s not perfect, but its a work in progress. I look forward to seeing how much my technique changes over 2021.

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  1. Have you thought about using embellishments like those used in scrapbooking? I use a Franklin planner and I thought about adding some color and embellishments to my dull pages.

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