Slewfoot by Brom Review

The Secret History was supposed to be my last read of 2021, but I snuck this one in right before midnight on New Year’s Eve. My husband gave me Slewfoot for Christmas and I couldn’t put it down, so let’s review it. Connecticutt 1666. A spirit awakens that is known by many names. The Wildfolk […]

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My First Book Haul of the Year

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a book haul. I figured it was about time, so let’s get into my first book haul of the year. I bought a few of these, but I also was gifted with several at Christmas. I’m so blessed to have a family that supports my hobbies. Let’s […]

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The Best Books of 2021

Yesterday, we talked about my disappointing books of 2021, so today let’s talk about the best books of 2021. This post is so much more fun to do. Basically, I’m just going to be gushing about my favorite books. So let’s get to it. The Secret History I adored The Secret History. It’s one of […]

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The Secret History Review

It’s time for my last review of the year, and I’m ending it on a high note. I devoured The Secret History the week before Christmas. I couldn’t put it down. It’s definitely my favorite of the year. Let’s talk about it. A group of students at Hampden College have found a way to live […]

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The Hero of Ages Review

Guys, I did it! I finally finished The Hero of Ages, and it was amazing! Let’s talk about it. The Deepness has gotten worse since Vin killed the Lord Ruler. Humanity is at risk. The ashfalls have increased and earthquakes shake the empire. After the events in The Well of Ascension, Elen Venture has made […]

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The Death of Jane Lawrence Review

I’m so frustrated by The Death of Jane Lawrence. The beginning was great but by the end I was just reading to finish it. So let’s dive in and talk about it. Practical Jane Shoringfield has decided that she needs a husband. But she needs a husband that will let her remain independent and occupied […]

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Books on My Christmas List

It’s that time of year to start making Christmas wishlists. I’m a list maker by heart. It’s how I function day-to-day. So making my Christmas wishlist is always so much fun. Here are a few books that I’ve added to my bookish wishlist this year. Slewfoot To be honest, the cover of Slewfoot is what […]

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