Books on My Christmas Wishlist

I write out a Christmas wishlist every year and, of course, I include books. This year though I should probably title it my Brandon Sanderson wishlist because he makes quite the appearance. I think there’s only one non-Sanderson book. I might be becoming a bit obsessed. But it is what it is. Let’s get to […]

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The Turn of the Screw Review

I was really excited to pick up The Turn of the Screw because the synopsis reminded me of one of my favorites, Jane Eyre. But I ended up being quite disappointed in it. So, let’s chat about it. A young governess finds herself at Bly Manor where she takes charge over two hauntingly beautiful children. […]

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November 2022 TBR

Welcome to November. Did you have a good Halloween? We went to Chipotle and Dunkin. Then we went home and watched Corpse Bride. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a better Halloween. But it’s time to get into my November 2022 tbr. Devil House Synopsis: Gage Chandler is descended from kings. That’s what his mother always told […]

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October 2022 Wrap Up

Happy Halloween, my spooky friends! Do you have any big plans for tonight? I know it’s Halloween, but it’s also the end of the month so it’s time to recap my reading for the month. So, let’s get to my October 2022 Wrap Up. I wanted to read a ton of scary books this month, […]

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Such Sharp Teeth Review

Such Sharp Teeth is giving me some mixed feelings. I picked it up because I absolutely loved Cackle by the same author. While I enjoyed parts of Such Sharp Teeth it just missed a few things for me. So, let’s get to it. When Rory Morris moves back to her hometown she’s not thrilled. The […]

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The Book Room is Halloween Ready

I’m a tad late on decorating the book room for Halloween. I usually like to get the decorations up around the first of October, but, hey, life is busy and that doesn’t always work out. So I decided it was better late than never. I put on some Halloween music and got to decorating. The […]

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Dracul Review

I just finished Dracul last night and I’m still processing my thoughts on it. So, let’s just jump into this review and see if something comprehensible comes from it. In 1868, Bram Stoker waits in a desolate tower to face Dracul. He prays that he survives this night, but at the same time he is […]

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Trick or Treatin’ Book Tag

It’s Monday. I’m exhausted. Let’s do a book tag. I found the Trick or Treatin’ Book Tag over at A Dance with Books. Creepy House on the Corner of the Street: A book with a creepy cover Tomie’s cover is quite creepy. Everything about that book is creepy. Light’s Out (Party Poopers): A book you […]

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Dracula’s Chicken Hendl

On the first page of Dracula, Jonathan Harker mentions a chicken dish called “paprika hendl.” So, I decided to make it. And let me just say Dracula’s chicken hendl is the perfect heartwarming dish for a chilly October night. This dish was super easy to make. The recipe said to brown the chicken first. Then […]

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