My Book Room Tour

We decided to remodel one of the extra rooms in our house. I’ve always wanted a book room and now my dreams have come true. I definitely think that it’s my new favorite place. It’s so cozy and it turned out better than I ever imagined

I’ve really enjoyed decorating it. I’ve visited all of the local antique shops to pick out my decorations. I also knew I wanted to fill it with plants. It’s still a work in progress. My next step is to redo a cabinet to add in as a coffee bar, because every book room needs a coffee bar.

The Tour

Forgive my video making skills. I’m a blogger not a videographer, hahaha. Anyhow this is just a quick view of the whole room. The walls are definitely showing up more green than they actually are. The color we used on the walls is Behr Battleship Gray. I really am happy with the way it turned out. When we first put in on the wall I panicked cause it was so dark! But once we added the white trim to set it off, I fell in love.

My Desk

I think my desk is my favorite part of the entire room. My husband bought me this 1940’s roll top desk for Christmas and it is perfect. I found the chair on Amazon to go with it. I would show you the inside of it, but I have tax papers scattered all around right now. That’s the beauty of a roll top. If your desk is unorganized just close it.

I knew I wanted plants to go on it, so I found golden pothos at Home Depot. They’ve got a little root rot from being overwatered at the store. I’m trying to nurse them back to health. If anyone has any tips let me know!

The Shelves

I’m still organizing my shelves because I haven’t found a system that works for me yet. Plus, I need to do a massive book unhaul. There are so many books that I don’t like, or I don’t plan to read that’s just taking up room.

After fixing the coffee bar, my next project will be to cover the white shelf in brown contact paper. It has a ton of stains and stuff that won’t come off, so I’m planning to hide them. And I want it to match my other shelves. The space on the left shelf is going to be for my typewriter. I just can’t move it by myself because it’s ridiculously heavy.

I love the decorations on this shelf! They’re probably my favorite decorations in the whole room. I found the oil lamp that someone turned into a light at a local antique store. The raven is from Target’s Halloween collection last year. I found the nerve plant at Home Depot and she’s already grown so much! The candlestick is from the same antique place that I bought the lamp at. If you don’t shop at antique stores you need to! Lastly, the picture is from Hobby Lobby.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but I have mini Adam’s ivy on top of my shelves. The goal is to have it drape down the shelves, but right now the plants are still small.

My Reading Corner

Lastly, my reading corner. I bought myself the recliner as a Christmas present. It’s an Ashley Microfiber recliner and it soooo soft. My grandfather made the cedar side table years ago. I had it by my bed all through high school, but I decided it belonged in here. I have my mini Himalayan salt lamp, a candle, and my reading lamp on it. Usually, I have my Mr. Coffee mug warmer and a cup of coffee on the table too, but I’ve exceeded my caffeine limit for the day.

I hope you enjoyed my book room tour! It’s definitely my happy place. Where is your favorite place to read?

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