Let’s Make Poppy’s Stew from From Blood and Ash

When I was reading From Blood and Ash, back in January, there were a lot of great foods mentioned. The one that stuck out to me was Poppy’s stew. It was mentioned several times, and it made me hungry. So I decided to make it.

My family loves to cook, so I have all sorts of recipes on hand. This is the recipe that sounded similar to what Poppy had. My mom has been making this stew for years. It’s definitely a comfort food that would pair nicely with a cozy read.

I’m not going to share the exact recipe that we use. It’s not my recipe to share, but I found this one on Allrecipes. It’s very similar, but I didn’t include celery in mine. I’m not a huge celery fan. It’s a simple Crock Pot recipe. Basically, you mix the meat, flour, salt, and pepper together in the Crock Pot and then put the rest of the ingredients in on top of that. The best tip I can give is to cut your own stew meat. Usually, I buy a two pound beef roast and cut it into cubes. That’s the way my mother does it, so I figured she knows best.

In From Blood and Ash, Poppy ate her stew with a buttered biscuit. I love biscuits, but I grew up eating corn bread with my stew. But rice also pairs well with it. If you try this recipe, let me know! I’ve notice several other books with great food descriptions lately, so I have a few more posts planned.

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