1969: A Brief And Beautiful Trip Back Review

1969: A Brief and Beautiful Trip Back

Have you ever read a book that made you want to be friends with the author? 1969: A Brief and Beautiful Trip Back did that for me. The amount of detail and research that went into this was astounding. Plus, it mentions some of the best music ever created. You could create an awesome playlist from the songs mentioned in this book.

Rhiannon Karlson was born in the wrong time period. She is stuck in a conservative town, but all she wants to do is make music. She dreams of Woodstock and the glories of the past. After a drug dealer sells her a mysterious substance she gets to experience a life changing journey of self discovery.

My THoughts on 1969: A Brief & Beautiful Trip Back

The author reached out to me and asked for an honest review. I’m so glad that I accepted it. I really enjoyed 1969. But it had been a minute since I read the synopsis, so, through no fault of the book, I was confused when I started part one. I realized quickly that it didn’t start in 1969. It actually starts in the 2000’s, which added even more depth and fun to the story. Take a lesson from me though and read the synopsis. It saves a lot of confusion, lol.

After I finally fell into the groove of things, I fell in love. I loved the characters and the vibe of this book. And the way Rhiannon started her trip was perfect. It created this jarring sensation between the present and the past. I loved it.

1969 is a trip in itself. It’s a dense book and there was a lot to take in. There were a few passages that could have been shortened, in my opinion, but that’s literally the only thing I would change. Overall, this book is a masterpiece.

It’s been days since I read this and I’m still thinking about it. The writing really captured me. I felt like I was with Rhiannon every step of the way. If you love classic rock, nature, and a counterculture lifestyle this one is for you. I really believe this will be one that stick with me for a long time.

My Rating: 4/5


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