Vidas: Deep in Mexico and Spain Review

Vidas: Deep in Mexico and Spain

I’m normally not a memoir reader, but something about Vidas: Deep in Mexico and Spain caught my attention. When I was asked to review it I was hesitant, but I said yes. It promised to transport me to the heart of Mexico and Spain, and it did. Let’s talk about it.

Travel with Edward Stanton through the two most populous Spanish speaking countries. Each chapter is dedicated to the people he met on the way.

My Thoughts on Vidas: DEep in Mexico and Spain

I don’t usually start out with my negative thoughts, but since I don’t have many I figured I would get it out of the way. Vidas: Deep in Mexico and Spain was written in the second person point of view. There are very few books I’ve read that it works. Unfortunately, Vidas is yet another it didn’t work on. It drawed me out of the story, especially considering he still referenced his own name. The main character is him, but he still uses you as a pronoun. In my opinion, first person pov would have worked much better.

With that being said, I still enjoyed Vidas. The author met a bunch of interesting people. I loved the slice of life aspect that was so prominent in this story. The knowledge and wisdom passed along through this memoir was profound.

Vidas was a beautiful read that explored the cultures of two beautiful countries. It was a fun glimpse of their cultures through the mouths of the locals.

My Rating: 4/5


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