A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik Review

A Deadly Education

I was so excited to get my hands on A Deadly Education. But I started it back in January and put it down. I was determind to finish it this month. Unfortunately, I have some mixed feelings on it, so let’s get into it.

Scholomance is a school for the magically inclined. But failing always means certain death, until El breaks the code. Surving the school is your ticket to success. She might not have allies, but she she does have the power to change her future.

MY Thoughts on A deadly education

The synopsis sounds like so much fun. The setting is awesome! I loved the Scholomance and all of it’s hidden dangers. When I first dived in I was hooked. But the more I read, the less I could stand El. I’m all for an underdog story, but this one didn’t work for me.

El is rumored to be this extremely powerful Maleficer, which is why supposedely no one likes her. I’m down for that. I was expecting a nice redemption arc, or I was possibly even hoping she would turn toward her darker side. But nope, she just continued to be a miserable, off-putting person. She is rude and selfish and I just couldn’t like her. And unfortunately there isn’t a ton of character development.

Next is the relationship. I love a good enemies to lovers, but I’m not sure this really qualifies. Orion just kind of shows up, and for some reason he sticks around while El is incredibly rude to him. There’s finally a glimpse of his motive toward the end, but I didn’t find it believable.

So basically I only liked the setting and the ending, which was a little rushed in it’s on right. I really, really wanted to love A Deadly Education, but I just couldn’t. I originally gave it a three star rating, but after this rant I think I’m changing it to two.

My Rating: 2/5


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