Blood and Silver by Vali Benson Review

Blood and Silver|Vali Benson

Here’s a fun fact about me. I used to love western historical fiction. I devoured them in high school. So when the author reached out about Blood and Silver I knew I wanted to dive back into this genre. I received an e-book in exchange of my honest review. Let’s get into it.

Carissa Beaumont finds herself stuck in Tombstone. She is forced to live in a brothel with her drug-addicted mother. The only way she can escape is through her own capabilities. She tricks her evil madam into calling a doctor for her mother, Lisette. Carisa soon discovers that the madam has been drugging her mother all along. Dr. Henderson and Carissa team up with China Mary to reduce Lisette’s dose without the madam knowing it. China Mary controls Tombstone, and if Carissa is going to escape she will need her help.

My Thoughts on Blood ANd Silver

I really enjoyed Blood and Silver. It was a quick, straight to the point read. There were a few instances where the plot felt rushed, but for the most part the pacing was good.

I loved the research that went into Blood and Silver. The fact that China Mary was a real person is exciting. I would love to see a documentary on this strong woman that essentially ran Tombstone.

The plot and suspense really picked up toward the end. I do think it all wrapped up a little too easy, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t bring a tear to my eye. Blood and Silver was a fun, heartwarming read that will help you escape for a little while.

My Rating: 3.5


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