Summer Reads that You’ll Devour In a Day

It’s unofficially summer here in Alabama. I know it’s techinically still spring, but we had a high temp of 90 today. It’s so hot and dry it feels like August. With Memorial Day coming up I’m hunting a fun, easy read that I can devour in a day. So I decided to share a few of my favorite summer reads today.

Enchantment Lake

Summer Reads

Enchantment Lake is the start of a fun middle grade series. It’s a thriller set around a beautiful lake. The mystery is well developed, but the setting is what makes this one special. I could just imagine myself on the shady banks of Enchatment Lake.

Black Sun

Summer Reads

I know fantasy isn’t usually considered a light summer read, but Black Sun isn’t daunting. Now that I think about it, it might be an odd choice considering the fact it’s set during the winter solstice, but I still think it would be a good summer read. It’s based on Native American folklore and the power of the sun is discussed a lot. Plus, the winter setting might take your mind off of the summer heat.

The Shadows

Summer reads

I just love thrillers in the summer and that is going to obvious by my next few choices. There’s just something about sitting down and devouring a good book. The Shadows is one of the best thrillers that I read last year. It is told through dual timelines, present and past. This book is gripping so you could fly through it on a day at the beach.

THe Sun Down Motel

Summer Reads

Who doesn’t love a good haunted motel story during the middle of vacation season? Seriously though, I read The Sun Down Motel while on vacation and I have to say it helped the creepy factor. It definitely has creepy, summery vibes.

The Wife Upstairs

Last thriller, I promise. The Wife Upstairs is a retelling of Jane Eyre set in modern day Birmingham, Alabama. It’s another fast paced thriller that will keep you sucked in all day. There are several scenes set at a lakehouse that makes me want to be on a lake. Just not with these people. Seriously, they’re a little nuts. I’m going to be doing a giveaway featuring this book tomorrow on my Instagram. Be sure to follow me so you don’t miss it.

Naptown Blues

Naptown BLues

Lastly, I had to share one of my favorite books. Naptown Blues captures the wanderlust that I experience in the summer perfectly. It will make you want to hike, camp, and explore the outdoors. It’s such a beautiful tribute to nature.

So those are a few books that would be perfect for a day at the beach, camping, or even just sitting in by the air. I love quick summer reads. There’s nothing better than devoting a summer day to a great read.

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8 thoughts on “Summer Reads that You’ll Devour In a Day

  1. Reading this as I sit in the shade on my patio with a cold drink and a new book in Tennessee. I love summer reading and I tend to switch to Southern Lit. I guess I want my characters to be sweating as much as I am!

      1. Love everything by Silas House. When it gets really hot I like Greg Iles. For the pool, I like Ann Rivers Siddons. Last year I really enjoyed short stories by Zora Neal Hurston. I’ll have to dig out my list of books to give you more.

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