June 2021 Reading Journal: Tropical Vibes

It’s humid and hot here. Summer weather has moved in and I’m here for it. I’ve been loving all the summer things. I think since last summer was such a dud I want to make up for it. So of course, when I saw these Tombow Tropical Dual Brush pens I had to have them. I knew they would be perfect for June’s spread.

Cover/TBR Page

So for this spread, I knew I wanted to include a lot of bright green foliage. It’s definitely showing up brighter than it actually is, but either way I loved it. And I found this perfect lizard template. He’s definitely my favorite.

For my tbr page, I kept the foliage going. I like the pop of red that I added. I think it livened it up. I wish I hadn’t already written my tbr out. So many people recommended that I read the Mistborn series before Way of Kings, so that’s what I’m doing.

Reviews/Books Bought

I continued the same design throughout the spread. I love the consistency, but it still feels lively. My review are substantially down from last month so I consider that a win.

So I need to fill out my Books Bought section already. This months Book of the Month had awesome choices, so I got an add on. Plus, I bought Mistborn. We’re one day into June and I’ve already purchased three books lol.

Books Read/Wrap Up

I’ve really been loving the way I’m laying out my Books Read page. I love having the rating right there. It makes my monthly wrap ups so much easier.

Lastly, my wrap up page. I leave it open ended. I like to jot down notes and stuff that I think of at the end of each month. Plus, I keep up with all of my totals there.

So that wraps up my Tropical Vibes spread. What theme are you doing in your journal this month?

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