A Summer Picnic: July 2021 Reading Journal:

I have to admit I didn’t feel super inspired for this month’s reading journal spread. I decided that I wanted to do a summer picnic theme, and of course I stuck with red, white, and blue. It did turn out better than I expected, but it took forever. It was relaxing though.

Cover Page/TBR

Summer Picnic

I used my Tombow Dual brush pens almost exclusively for this spread. I think they were from the Tropical Collection. Then I just used a black brush pen for the titles. I really need to get a Tombow black as well. This one has lived it’s best life.

So let’s talk about the theme. I wanted this to resemble a picnic blanket so my lines aren’t perfect. And also I couldn’t find my ruler so it worked out.


Summer Picnic

I decided to alternate between red and blue for the title headers. My blues turned out a little darker that I wanted, but it worked. I’ve really got to update my review page now that I look at this. I’m a bit behind lol.

Read/Wrap up

Summer Picnic

Lastly, we have my books read and wrap up page. I kept my same consistent theme throughout this spread. I did end up enjoying the sort of vintagy, nostalgic theme of my Summer Picnic Theme. And, yes, those are cat feet in the top right corner.

Check out my last journal theme for more inspiration!

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