Tides by Patricia Morais

Tides - Ada Hughes Novella: YA Supernatural Fantasy (World of Shadows YA Supernatural Series) by [Patricia Morais]

Tides is a novella written by Patricia Morais. It was originally published in Portuguese, but it’s recently been translated to English. If you’re a supernatural lover you’re going to love this. Keep reading.

When children start to go missing from a fishing town, Ada Hughes, starts to worry about the safety of her brothers. Tide Springs has never been a safe place for them, but Ada has plans to leave. Before they can make their getaway a mythological creature changes her life forever.

My Thoughts on Tides

Before you start Tides you need to know that it’s an origin story of an already established character in another series. Plus, it’s a novella so it’s short. If you go in knowing that I think you will enjoy it. Ada lives a tough, but normal life in the beginning. The supernatural elements don’t pick up until the end, but it’s shocking when they do. It’s just enough of a supernatural taste that it leaves you wanting more, which is clever considering it’s part of a larger series. So to wrap up my ramblings Tide is an enjoyable, quick read. I think it would be a great creepy beach read.

My Rating: 4/5


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