Requiem, Changing Times by RJ Parker Review

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I had the pleasure of reviewing Crystal Shadows by RJ Parker a little while back. I thought it was fun and imaginitive, so I didn’t expect anything less from Requiem Changing Times. Let’s review.

Cliff and Corbin’s day couldn’t get any weirder. They thought. They decided to return home after being followed by a strange man and attacked by an imp. But then Banks and O’Neil arrive. Suddenly, the boys are thrown into the adventure of their lives.

My thoughts on Requiem Changing Times

Requiem, Changing Times was a bit confusing at first. Everything happened so fast and it jumped from place to place. But once I got into it I liked it.

Keep in mind that is is written for a younger audience. I’m sure the effects some of the style choices and dialogue. The characters also weren’t completely developed. However, I’m not sure I would have noticed that as a younger reader. I think I would have been so wrapped up in the action that it wouldn’t bother me.

While I couldn’t recommend Requiem, Changing Times to a more seasoned fantasy reader, I do think that the target audience would find it enjoyable.

My Rating: 3/5


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