My Review Process

I’ve had a lot of questions about my review process, so that’s what I’m going to talk about today. It’s not particularly exciting, but it works for me. So let’s get to it. Oh, keep in mind these are my notes for Mistborn. I try not to include spoilers, but if you’ve not read Mistborn you might want to skip this one.

Initial Thought Process

I carry this tiny little notebook everywhere. It’s always in my purse. This is what I use to jot down any thoughts I might have. Sometimes those thoughts are really helpful in my review, but sometimes they’re not. But I like to write down anything substantial that comes to mind. And sometimes I don’t have any initial thoughts, especially if it’s a short book, so I don’t pressure myself to write something for every book.

Drafting My thoughts

Next is my draft process. This is where my review starts to come together. I love writing my draft in pen and paper. This page is relatively clean, but usually there are tons of scribbles and marks. I re-read every draft until I’m sick of it just to make sure I’ve included everything that I need to. This is also where my initial thoughts come in. Sometimes I can take one thought and write several paragraphs from it, but then sometimes they don’t help me at all.

Final Draft

Lastly, once I get my first draft where I want it, I type it out on WordPress. This also helps me with corrections. Sometimes I catch something in this process that I didn’t in the rough draft. Then of course, I double check everything right before I hit publish.

So that’s my review process. What does your review process look like?

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