The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson Review

So I’m continuing my binge reading of Brandon Sanderson with The Well of Ascension. As always, I’m super impressed with the Cosmere and I might just be a bit obsessed. Let’s get into my review

The Lord Ruler has been defeated and now the world must be rebuilt. Elend and the crew are tasked with that challenge. This won’t be an easy task, especially considering the mists have been acting strange. With the hope of the city resting on her shoulders, an ancient prophecy becomes tempting. Will finding The Well of Ascension lift the oppressive mist?

My Thoughts on the well of Ascension

While I loved The Well of Ascension it did suffer from second book syndrome. Ninety percent of the book was setting up for the last twenty percent. It was still enjoyable though.

Another thing that I would have liked was just a little more depth to Vin and Elend’s relationship. I love the depth to the friendships in the book, but somehow it doesn’t translate to them. Plus, there was so much miscommunication between them that could have been resolved if they’d just talked to each other. I don’t mind conflict, but this started to feel unnecessary. However, it was all resolved at the end, so I hope their relationship grows in the last book.

Overall, though, The Well of Ascension didn’t disappoint. The ending blew my mind. I never expected the twist and it changed the entire coarse of the series. Brandon Sanderson is the master of keeping you on your toes.

My Rating: 4/5


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