Camping at the Chief Ladiga Trail Campground

We spent the weekend camping at the Chief Ladiga Trail Campground. It’s so close to home, but yet we’ve never stayed there. This definitely won’t be our last trip because we had ton of fun.

Breathtaking Views

I took this picture the morning we were leaving. It was a little rainy that morning, but not too bad. I just couldn’t pass up this picture of the covered bridge. That’s the entrance/exit to the campground and it is stunning.

I took this one as we were leaving, but this is the creek that the bridge passes over. It’s such a beautiful view.

Our Site

This is our cute little pop-up camper on the first morning that we were there. We love to camp in a pop-up. It’s a little more stable than a tent, but you still feel like you’re camping. We’ve had this one a little over a year and we love it. It has a ton of room. I took this picture before we set the rest of our camp up. Usually, we bring a canopy that we put in from of the camper. And then we have a nice kitchen set up that my parents bought us from Cabela’s. It has everything you need, including a place to wash dishes.

I will say this is a primitive camp, so there aren’t any power or water hookups. So be sure to bring plenty of water. We definitely didn’t bring enough, but my grandparents saved us.

One thing I loved about this campground is it’s right on the creek. We could step out of our camper and walk a few feet to the creek. So I spent a lot of time swimming.

This was the view from where we had our morning coffee. It was just gorgeous.

Reading Update

So I did read some, but I didn’t finish The Eye of the World. It’s really descriptive so I feel like I have to slow down to make sure I don’t miss anything. But I really enjoyed my time reading in my hammock.

And I mean just look at that view. It was the perfect book for camping. The woodsy, traveling feel of The Eye of the World was perfect for reading by the campfire.

So that was our quick trip to the Chief Ladiga Trail Campground. We had such a relaxed weekend. I really needed that. I also should mention that the campground is right on the Chief Ladiga Trail, so if you’re a bike rider it would be a perfect place for you. And if you’re a hiker the Pinhoti Trail isn’t too far away either. So you can go on a nice ride or hike then come back to camp and relax.

If you have any questions check out their website here.

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