My Favorite Wheel of Time Characters Check In

I’m just about to finish The Eye of the World, and I have some character opinions. But with it being an epic fantasy I’m sure those opinions will change. So I decided to document my favorite Wheel of Time characters and why. I want to share my thoughts with you guys, but mostly I want to see my reasoning in the end. This is a huge series so I imagine it will take me a minute to finish and I’m liable to forget things. So without any more rambling let’s get to it.

*Note-I’m starting with my favorite character and going down. Also, there might be mild spoilers for The Eye of the World

Perrin Aybara

I liked Perrin to start with, but I didn’t think he would end up as my favorite. But here he is. He has the most satisfying character arc so far. Plus, the wolf thing. I love the wolf thing. I can’t wait to see where his storyline goes.

Moraine Damodred

She was my favorite at the beginning and she is still sitting right at the top. She is this powerful, witchy woman. She has a ton of character depth and intrigue. I totally want to be an Aes Sedai.

Rand Al’Thor

Rand is a solid character, but he hasn’t done anything remarkable yet. I think there is a lot of room for character development with Rand. I imagine since we get his perspective the most that he will end up being really important. So I expect a lot out of him.

Egwene Al’Vere

I think Egwene also has a lot of potential. She has a lot of character traits I admire. I hope we get to see her study with the Aes Sedai.

Nynaeve Al’Meara

Nynaeve is mildly annoying at times, but she means well. She really is looking out for the well being of the rest of the Two Rivers Crew. But she is so stubborn.

Lan Mandragoran

Lan doesn’t have a personality so far. I expect he will start to develop. I hope he does anyway. Right now he’s just sort of there.

Mat Cauthon

I don’t like Mat. He gets them into a lot of pointless situations. Plus, he has a really bad attitude. He’s going to have to change a lot for me to like him.

So that is my favorite Wheel of Time characters so far. I can’t wait to check this out once I’ve read a little more in the series. I’m sure my opinions will change drastically, but this is where I stand right now.

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