The Eternity Knot Blog Tour

I’m so excited to be participating in the blog tour for The Eternity Knot. I love supporting a fun book with a great message. Let’s get to my review.

Mairi has seen the grim future and humans must change. They can’t keep abusing nature without consequence. Mairi and her friends are tasked to save the world. They must find a way to make people realize how important nature is. The Unseelie Queen doesn’t believe that humans are capable of change. She thinks they must prove themselves worthy of Earth. Mairi must find a way to help make a change before time runs out.

My Thoughts on The Eternity Knot

I’m all for an environmentally friendly book, and The Eternity Knot does it in such a unique way. It mixes in enough magic and drama that I think it would catch the attention of even the pickiest reader. I don’t think you have to be an outdoorsy type to enjoy this. It really is for everyone, and I think that’s the best way to make a change.

I really enjoyed every bit of this story, but Mairi’s time with the Native Americans was particularly enjoyable. The Native American culture goes above and beyond to respect nature, and I think we could learn a lot from them.

The Eternity Knot was great and I totally support it’s message. Please read it and keep nature in mind! Small changes add up to big changes!

My Rating: 4/5


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