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Obviously, I love nature. I built a whole book blog around it. Part of that love for nature has made me want to live a more sustainable life. Because if we don’t take care of nature it won’t be there to enjoy. So here are a few of the steps that I’m taking to be a sustainable bookworm. I would like to encourage you to do the same.

Read Ebooks

This one is pretty obvious. It cuts down on paper use. You can hold thousands of books on one device, so that cuts down some waste. It is important to note that electronic readers have waste of their own, but most people keep the same e-reader for several years, so it does help.

Buy Used

Reading ebooks is a great option, but some people prefer a physical copy. And I am one of these people. There is nothing like holding a physical copy. So to cut down on waste, and cost, I try to purchase used whenever I can.

Use the library

This tip is for my ebook, audiobook, and physical readers. If you can find the book you’re looking for, use the library! It’s good for the environment, and your community. I have a hard time making it to the library because of my work schedule, but I love to use the Libby App for audio books.

So those are a few small ways that you can be a sustainable bookworm. Instead of going out to buy new books every time I want to read, I am going to be intentional with where I source my books. It’s small changes, but every bit helps. And I’m definitely not an expert on this, so if you have any tips let me know in the comments!

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