The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan Review

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The Eye of the World was a journey. I think it’s the embodiment of epic fantasy. If you’re a fantasy lover, give it a try!

When The Two Rivers is attacked by Trollocs, five villagers flee to save their city. They enter a world that they thought only existed in stories.

My Thoughts on The Eye of the World

I knew I would love The Eye of the World from the first page. The woodsy, rustic setting made my soul so happy. I loved the atmospheric descriptions throughout. But keep in mind that Jordan is super descriptive, so that might be a turnoff depending on your taste.

Personally, I didn’t mind the descriptions. It helped with the world building a ton. Jordan throws you directly into Two Rivers and then you figure it out from there. And you have to pay close attention, or you’ll definitely miss something.

The main characters are Rand, Egwene, Perrin, Mat, Lan, and Moriane. At first, it starts almost exclusively from Rand’s perspective, but then it branches out into the others’ perspective. This helps develop the characters a lot. I was concerned that the character development would be limited, but I was wrong. The only character that didn’t have a perspective was Mat. I hope that comes in one of the later books. I quickly became attached to several of the characters. To the point that I even made a post discussing them. (Check that out here.)

Overall, The Eye of the World was really enjoyable and it left off at a great spot to set up the next story. I just hope there is a little less traveling and a bit more meat to the next one. I’m ready to get to Tar Valon and dive into the Aes Sedai world.


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