Goosebumps 25th Anniversary Retro Collection

The last time we went to Second and Charles I found this awesome Goosebumps 25th Anniversary Retro Collection. I had to have it. I didn’t think twice about it. Plus, it came with this adorable tin and I’m a sucker for cute packaging.

According to the description these are some of the most popular Goosebumps. I thought that was odd considering there are several more that come to mind first, but of course what’s popular in my area might not be the same everywhere else. Some of these I haven’t read so I decided to give them a try. Let’s get into my thoughts.

Monster Blood

Monster Blood is obviously a classic. It didn’t shock me to see this one in here. I’ve read it before and loved it. And I loved it again. It captures everything that I expect from the Goosebumps series. It’s so creepy, but also a ton of fun. This is probably one of the best Goosebumps in my opinion.

Why I’m Afraid of Bees

I hadn’t read this, but it wasn’t one that would have captured my attention as a kid. This one had more of a scary sci-fi element to it that I just wouldn’t have been interested in. But now I really enjoyed it. It was well thought out. R.L. Stine puts so much detail into these stories and it’s really impressive.

A Night In Terror Tower

A Night in Terror Tower was a blast. I totally understand how it was a bestseller. It literally took me by surprise. I didn’t expect the direction it went in at all.

The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East was good. I wasn’t wowed by it by any means. It was a whirlwind of action with not a ton of plot structuring. It just wasn’t a favorite of mine.

Legend of the Lost Legend

I didn’t really like Legend of the Lost Legend at all. It almost didn’t even feel like R.L. Stine’s writing. It didn’t give me the feeling that I look for in Goosebumps books. I’m shocked it was included in this set.

So I did enjoy the Goosebumps 25th Anniversary Retro Collection. The first three books were great! I totally think they deserved to be included. I personally would have liked to seen something more iconic than The Beast from the East or Legend of the Lost Legend. They’re ok. I just didn’t think that they lived up to the same standards as the rest. But, overall, the nostalgia of this collection really makes it worth the price.


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