Autumnal Drinks That I’m Loving In October

Now that there’s a little chill in the air I’m loving my warm drinks. I just love all of the seasonal coffees and things that are showing up in the store right now. So here are a few of the autumnal drinks that I’ve enjoyed this month.

starbucks Maple Pecan

This is the best pecan flavored coffee that I’ve ever had. It’s got toasty, sweet notes that I adore. I like my pumpkin spice coffee, but honestly I think I’m loving this even more.

How I drink it: I add steamed milk, honey, and a little cinnamon to mine.

Black rifle Coffee Co. Basic Batch

My husband and I love Black Rifle Coffee Company. He’s a Marine Corps Vet and he loves their brand. We were lucky enough to visit their headquarters when we went to Savannah and that was an awesome experience. So usually, we have several bags of coffee laying around. But this is my first time trying Basic Batch. It’s only a subtle hint of pumpkin, so he will actually drink this one.

How I drink it: I drink it with a splash of pumpkin spice creamer just to enhance the pumpkin flavor a bit.

Abuelita MExican Hot Chocolate

I love Mexican hot chocolate. I love all the warm spices that I don’t get from regular hot chocolate. It’s sweet but not too sweet. It’s soooo good.

How I drink it: I mix it up like the directions say. Then I add just a little bit of whipped cream on top. And a splash of coffee is pretty good in it as well.

Teavana spiced Apple Cider Tea

Every now and again I need a caffeine free option and this is my go too. It’s warm and fruity. It really reminds me of an apple pie.

How I drink it: I add just a little bit of sugar.

So those are a few of the autumnal drinks that I’ve been loving right now. It’s the perfect time of year to settle in with a warm drink and a good book. So tell me in the comments. What’s your go to coffee order?

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