Long Books for Long Autumn Nights

The nights are starting to get longer. Here in Alabama our time falls back this weekend. And longer nights mean more time to read. So here are a few long books for long autumn nights.

Black Sun

I read Black Sun last winter and it was amazing. It’s fantasy, but not everyday cookie cutter fantasy. This is based on Native American Folklore. I love fantasy, but let’s be honest, it’s time to branch out from medieval European folklore. And this is exactly that. I can’t rave about it enough. And even though it’s almost 500 pages it’s so action packed that it flies by.

The Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath isn’t necessarily long in page numbers, but it’s dense. If you don’t read it at a slower pace you really could miss something important. But every minute with it is worth it. It’s such a good read. It’s gritty and depressing, but it really helps you feel empathy for the characters. Their lives have been changed by an outside force that is beyond their control and they’re just trying their best to make it.


I wish I could read Matterhorn for the first time again. I’ve always gone through periods of time where I’ll be obsessed with a genre or even subgenre and back before I started blogging I went through a war story phase. I’ve always been interested in history and for some reason at that time the Vietnam War absolutely fascinated me. I flew through so many Vietnam War stories, and most of them were really good. But Matterhorn just stuck with me. Even if war stories aren’t your thing I think there is enough character intrigue to keep your attention.

Fall of Giants

While Matterhorn is a war story, Fall of Giants has a little of everything. There’s political intrigue, romance, frontline stories, and day to day life. There are so many different perspectives that it really gives an idea of what life would have been like it that time period. Plus, it’s the start of a series that progresses throughout history through each family line. I’ve never read anything quite like it. But it’s not a quick read by any means. It’s well over a thousand pages.

Jane Eyre

Lastly, what long autumn night isn’t made better by reading a gothic romance? Jane Eyre is so atmospheric. It describes rainy, chilly weather. Then there’s a brooding love interest with a mysterious background thrown in to the mix. And while it’s heavy on romance there was enough intrigue to keep my attention. I love a good gloomy manor with things that go bump in the night. And just when I thought things were going to get paranormal, human nature scared me even more. You can’t beat it for an autumn read.

Those are a couple of long books for long autumn nights. There’s nothing more satisfying than the work of finally finishing a long book. It really is like living a lifetime between pages.

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