Bookish Black Friday Deals

I hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving! We had so much food. I’m still stuffed. But Black Friday is a great way to get my sluggish blood pumping. I love a good deal. Especially a good bookish deal. So let’s talk about a few that caught my attention.


So of course Books-A-Million is the first place that I checked out. They have some pretty good deals. They’re offering up to 50% off on certain books. There are several really popular titles that are discounted, but none that I was super interested in. But I would definitely check out their website to see if any of the books on your tbr is included. They’re also doing a buy 2 get 1 free on their autographed books, which is really cool.

Barnes and NOble

They’re doing a similar situation as Books-A-Million. A lot of their bestsellers are discounted up to 50% off. They’re also doing a buy one get one 50% off on their collectible editions. And Barnes and Noble has some gorgeous collectible editions. This is really a steal. It would make a great gift for the book lover in your life. But I think their most exciting deal is in stores only. They have a lot of Black Friday signed special editions that you can only get in store.


The deal that excited me the most came from PangoBooks. I’ve mention before that I am trying to buy more used books because it’s better for the environment and it’s cheaper. And PangoBooks let’s you buy new and sometimes used books from other book lovers. It’s a great way to interact with the book community and it’s super easy. So this year for Black Friday they’re offering a $5 credit to anyone who purchases a book through their app using code FBBF5 at checkout (be sure to double check the code on their Facebook/Instagram page). I may or may not have broken my book buying ban, but I bought a relatively new release for pocket change. I’ll be sure to do a mini haul on my Instagram when it comes in. $5 goes a long way on PangoBooks.

And since I broke my book buying ban I decided to unhaul a few books to make room on my shelf. So here are a few books that I’ve added to my PangoBooks shop. And a lot of my books are $5 and under so it would be a great way to use your credit if you’re interested in any of these.

Blick Art Supplies

And lastly, I have one non-bookish Black Friday deal. Blick Art Supplies has a lot of great brands on sale right now. If you bullet journal or use art supplies in any way now is the time to stock up.

Have you checked out any bookish Black Friday deals? Be sure to leave them in the comments. You know I can’t pass up a good deal.

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