Witch of Ware Woods

Guys, today’s review is so exciting. Witch of Ware Woods had everything I love in it. Plus, the author is so sweet. I want to thank her for giving me a copy of her work in exchange for an honest review.

Sara is anything by normal. She has a secret power that she is losing control of. When a dark witch starts to hunt her, Sara finds refuge in the Ware Woods. Here she finds a family that she has never know and learns to control her magic. But Sara is still an outsider who brought a dark prophecy to the forest. She must prove herself and protect her new home as the dark witch closes in. But what will happen when she finally releases her power?

My Thoughts on Witch of Ware Woods

Can I just start by saying I want to live in Ware Woods? Everything, including their magic, is connected to the woods. Their homes have trees running through them and it seems like a wonderful place to live. Until we start to talk about the blight and dark witches. That’s a little scary.

Actually, it’s a lot scary. Sara goes through so much loss and pain in this story. And let me tell you I experienced a whirlwind of emotions while I read this. The author made everything so vivid. I felt like I was right there with Sara every step of the way.

Witch of Ware Woods was such a good read. It’s a unique story that was executed so well. I was shocked to find out it was the author’s debut novel. She writes with the grace of a seasoned writer. I can’t wait to see where her career goes.

My Rating: 4/5


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