January 2022 Reading Journal: Frosted WindowPanes

When I decided on this theme for my reading journal it was almost 75 degrees here in Alabama. I decided if the weather wasn’t going to give me winter, then I would create it. A couple of days later we went from tornadoes and warm, muggy weather to snow. You never know what you’ll get in Alabama. Either way let’s dive into my January 2022 reading journal.

Cover Page/TBR

I couldn’t be any happier with my cover page. I adore the way it turned out. I love looking out of foggy windows on winter mornings, so I decided to recreate that. I used watercolor paint to paint the blue in the frame. It gave me that blurred look that I was looking for. Then I used my acrylic paints to paint the windowpane itself. It gives a sharper contrast to the diffused look of the watercolor.

For the rest of pages, I just took that same watercolor paint to create the border. I used my Tombow brush pens to do my titles. I just wanted to go with a more minimalist look for this theme. I also used my Zebra pastel markers to underline my tbr. I just really like the look that gives.

Reviews/Books Bought

I’m just keeping it consistent through the rest of the pages. Sometimes I like a more structured look, but sometimes I just like to be able to jot things down wherever I decide. Sometimes I write in quotes in the blank spots, and sometimes I leave them empty.

Books Read/Wrap Up

I’ve been reading quite a lot recently, so I wanted to be sure to leave plenty of room. A couple of my last spreads ended up being a little cramped.

My wrap up page is pretty standard. I just like to recap the month here. It makes my end of the year wrap up so much easier.

DNFED/Favorite Page

This is a new addition. I’m going to test it out to see if I like it. At the end of the year, I like to know how many books I dnf, but I’m horrible at keeping up with it. So, this year I decided I would try to make a dedicated page for it.

Lastly, my favorites page. I want to choose a monthly favorite. I just want to keep track of how I feel, and this will help me do that.

So that wraps up my January 2022 reading journal. Thanks for sticking around. I hope you all have a great reading month!

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2 thoughts on “January 2022 Reading Journal: Frosted WindowPanes

  1. Love your January pages! I can definitely relate to what you’re saying, too, being that I’m in Louisiana. We went from shorts and tshirts to 20 degress and a blanket of sleet covering everything.

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