Book Spotlight: Saving Thomas

Saving Thomas

Today I want to take a minute to spotlight a wonderful indie book called Saving Thomas. If you love a good historical mystery, you might want to check this one out.

about the Book

If a grief-stricken reporter is to save his career and find redemption, he must uncover why the village hermit he betrayed is refusing to be knighted.

Following the loss of his wife and child, Jeremy Michaels buries himself in his job reporting on the seedy and shady underbelly of 1970’s Portland, Oregon, until a Buckingham Palace announcement shatters his cocoon. Thomas Thoreaux, the village hermit whom his boyhood testimony sent to prison, is to be knighted for classified services in World War II, but has refused the honor and title. Jeremy’s editor sends him back to his hometown in Ohio to unravel the mystery of the man he’s never forgiven himself for betraying. But when a rival reporter reveals Thoreaux worked inside the French Resistance, Jeremy teams up with her on a trip to France for his chance at redemption, and to uncover just why Thoreaux said no to knighthood.

Can the power of forgiveness heal even the deepest of wounds? Saving Thomas weaves history with mystery and is an exciting new novel not to be missed.

About the Author

Scott is an attorney in Irvine, California, where his practice focuses on white-collar crime. He is the author of the coming-of-age novel Revenants, The Odyssey Home (Moonshine Cove Publishing) and the legal-suspense novel, In Deepest Consequences (Medallion Press). Learn more at

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