2022 Midyear Wrap Up

It’s Midyear Wrap Up time! I’d like to take a minute to just pause and reflect on the goals that I had for this year. I’ve got to be honest; I’ve been a bit slumpy, so this wrap up probably won’t be super exciting. But I’m hoping that reestablishing my goals will help my Capricorn heart. Let’s get to my 2022 midyear wrap up.

Number Read

I’ve read 24/20 books so far. Technically, I’ve completed my numbers goal, but I set it low on purpose. I’ve been focusing on some pretty chunky fantasy books, so I knew I probably wouldn’t read much quantity wise.

Favorite Book

If you’ve been around in the past couple of weeks my choice for favorite book isn’t really a shocker. All I can think about is The Name of the Wind. I haven’t loved a book this much in a really long time. And honestly, I expect this to be my favorite at the end of the year as well.

Least Favorite Book

A History of Wild Places really disappointed me. I enjoyed the atmospheric elements, and the forest setting, but I didn’t like the story at all. I just found it rather hard to believe. I sensed the twist that was coming but really didn’t want it to be that. The ending felt forced. Plus, we started out with a character that had a really interesting gift and then lost him in like the second chapter. The thing that made me pick up the book to start with was gone. I just really didn’t like this one.

Books To Read Before the End of the Year

  • The House of Sky and Breath
  • Fevered Star
  • The House Across the Lake
  • Book of Night
  • Reckless Girls

I literally haven’t read anything from my 2022 TBR. I started The House of Sky and Breath and dnfed it. And I just haven’t been interested in the others enough to pick them up.

Goals Moving Forward

  • Read TBR Books. I’m still really excited to read these, and it’s time to make them a priority.
  • Read More Cosmere Books. This was another goal I gave myself for 2022. I want to read as far into the Cosmere as I can.
  • Give The Wheel of Time Another Try. I also set the goal to read as far into The Wheel of Time as possible, but book two really sent me into a slump. I would like to give book three another try, but if I don’t like it, I’ll probably just give up. There are too many good series to waste my time on one I don’t like.

So that’s my 2022 Midyear Wrap Up. How are your 2022 goals going?

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3 thoughts on “2022 Midyear Wrap Up

  1. I’ve also set my reading goal low so it doesn’t put too much pressure on me to read a certain number of books, its been so helpful. I’m also hoping to read more from my 2022 tbr. Good luck reading all those fantasy books, I’m going to try & prioritize a few for the rest of this year, but they can get pretty long ๐Ÿ˜‚

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