The Summer Book Tag

This Alabama heat is killing my energy, and I forgot to plan a post today. So, let’s do The Summer Book Tag.

This tag was created by Rachel @ The Must Reads

Barbeque: A book that makes you hungry

Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich made me so hungry. I didn’t like anything else about that book, but the bakery setting was amazing. I ate more cupcakes in the time that I listened to that book than I normally eat in a month.

Beach: A book set in a tropical locale

Aquicorn Cove is set in a tropical location and does a great job at bringing attention to the impact that humans have on a beach environment. It’s an adorable read with an awesome message.

Outdoor Concert: A book where music plays an important role

The obvious answer would be Daisy Jones and the Six, which is a good option. But a less known story is 1969: A Brief and Beautiful Trip Back. It’s about a girl who wakes up in the 1960’s and it is packed full of music. If you took all the music mentioned in this one, it would make a killer playlist.

Picnic: A book about a cheesy romance

I’m going to use Wicked Appetite again. The romance in it was incredibly cheesy. It might have been fun if the rest of the book hadn’t been so cheesy. I can handle a cheesy romance if there is still an interesting plot to the story, but I didn’t get that from this one. But nonetheless, the romance was cheesy.

Lake Days: A fun, easy read perfect for lazy days

Any of Riley Sager’s books. I love reading them in the summertime. I can fly through them without any effort. They’re fun and action packed. But The Last Time I Lied is really suited for summer because it’s set in a summer camp. Who doesn’t love a spooky summer camp story?

Sunshine: A book that leaves you feeling warm and happy

Matilda leaves me feeling warm and happy. Roald Dahl done a great job creating this story. And the first time I read it was in summer, so it really does remind me of my childhood summers. Plus, Miss Honey’s little cottage filled with flowers just seems wonderful.

Ice Cream: A classic that’s perfect for long summer days

Tuck Everlasting had to make this list. It starts out describing a hot summer day, and it branches out from there. It’s slow and meandering like a hot summer day, but it’s still a really refreshing read. I adore this book.

Vacation: A book you wish you could visit in real life

I really don’t want to visit any of the worlds that I’ve read about recently. They’re all quite dangerous. But if I had to choose right now I would probably choose The Waystone Inn from The Name of the Wind. If you overlook that one deadly scene, it seems like a nice cozy inn to visit. But I still haven’t finished The Wise Man’s Fear so I could change my mind rather quickly.

Road Trip: A book with multiple settings

The Way of Kings has multiple settings. It’s an epic fantasy and a lot of the characters are in different countries, or cities. I enjoy the multiple settings because it makes the world feel fleshed out and complete. Brandon Sanderson is a master at world building.

Block Party: A book that centers around a group of close friends

Forgive me for using yet another Brandon Sanderson novel, but I love the ragtag group of friends in The Mistborn Series Era 1. They’re just a bunch of lovable characters trying to do their best, but don’t let the warm, friendly feelings fool you. The ending is heartbreaking.

So that wraps up The Summer Book Tag. If you want to play along, I tag you.

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