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I wish I had loved Hide as much as I loved the cover. I picked this up in my last book haul, and I was so excited to read it that I took a break from The Wise Man’s Fear, which might have been a mistake. Some of the things I noticed that I disliked in this book are executed so well in Patrick Rothfuss’ work. But anyhow let’s get to the review.

Fourteen contestants enter a contest with hopes of changing their lives. All they have to do is hide in an abandoned amusement park for seven days. The last to be found wins $50,000. Mack is sure that she can win. But as people start disappearing, she realizes this might be more dangerous that she realized.

My Thoughts on Hide

I have a lot to say about this one. It starts out following Mack, and the way she learns about the contest is fishy. So that’s red flag number one, but I overlooked that. My next problem with Hide is the character development, or the lack thereof. I thought Mack was our main character, but then in started to have povs from the other thirteen contestants. This book was only 236 pages long. It just didn’t have enough time to fully develop that many characters. They became muddled and unmemorable. Plus, Mack, the main character, sat around and let Ava save the day. She did a few interesting things at the end.

And lastly, the big reveal was disappointing. Most of it is revealed through pages and pages of diary entries, which normally I like. But it really started to feel info dumpy because it was two big sections of journal entries in the middle of the story. They weren’t even worked into the plot all that well.

The only thing Hide had going for it was the creepy theme park setting. I really enjoyed that. I wish it had been explored just a little bit more.

And I’d like to note this review is strictly my opinion. It just didn’t work for me. I’m a character driven reader, so not being connected to the characters took a lot out for me. But if you’re a plot driven reader this could be for you. It’s really action packed.

My Rating: 2/5


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  1. <3 You know I'm obsessed with this one! haha I need more theme park horror in my life! I just picked up Montague's Carnival of Delights and Terror by Jamie Stewart. I can't wait to dive into that one!

    Hope your next read is more of a hit for you! 🙂

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