The Wise Man’s Fear Review

It’s finally time to review The Wise Man’s Fear. It took me over a month to finish this one, but I enjoyed every minute. I really didn’t want it to end. But let’s get to the review.

In The Wayside Inn, Kvothe continues to tell his story.

My Thoughts on The Wise Man’s Fear

I can officially say that I’m obsessed with this series. I think I enjoyed The Wise Man’s Fear even more than The Name of the Wind. Kvothe developed a lot in this one. Sometimes I forget how young he is.

While The Name of the Wind was set predominately at the University, The Wise Man’s Fear explored the world a bit more. Honestly, I was nervous when I realized he was leaving the University. I enjoyed that setting so much. But then I was astounded by the world the Rothfuss created. The world is fully fleshed out and the opportunities felt endless.

However, I do want to warn you that this is still a character driven story. There is very little plot. There were a few glimpses into what the story is working toward, but there are still a ton of unanswered questions. That didn’t bother me because I had so much fun going on adventures with Kvothe, but I did want to point that out. I know a lot of people need a well-defined plot and that’s not something you’ll get with this one. But I still would say give it a chance because Rothfuss’s writing is amazing.

My Rating: 5/5


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