September 2022 Reading Journal Spread

Hi. Happy Friday! I know it’s been a minute since I posted anything about my bullet journal, but today I’m back with my September 2022 reading journal spread. In July, I just felt unmotivated, so I decided to stop the bullet journal all together. But then around the end of August, I realized I’d worked too hard to keep up with it, so I just needed to stick with it. So, on August 28th I completed my August spread. I’ve made a few adjustments that I’ll talk more about later, but it’s definitely going to make journaling a little more practical. Let’s get to it.

Cover Page/TBR

For my cover page, I had planned to sketch a fern frond in the corner of the page, but that didn’t work out, lol. So I decided to watercolor this mushroom and put over my mistake. Turns out I like the mushroom even more than the fern. Then I used my Tombow brush pens to do my lettering. Underneath of that I just used a metallic gold marker to give it a little pizzaz.

For my tbr page I did the same thing with my lettering. Then I dressed it up a little with a few stickers from my Bibliophilia Sticker Book. I still love that thing. I know there’s a lot of white space left, but I like to have room for adjustments throughout the month.

Reviews/Wrap Up

I wanted to keep this spread simple and concise, so I continued the same lettering to the review page. Then I found this gorgeous sticker that combined all of the colors I love. It just feels like fall to me. And again, leaving space to add more review copies.

And lastly, we have a blank page. That’s where the change comes in. This is my new and improved Wrap Up page. One of the reasons I wanted to stop keeping a physical bullet journal is because I’ve started keeping a digital one. I have the digital one with me at all times, so it makes it easier to use. Then it felt redundant to use my physical journal. But I did miss the process of journaling. So, I’ve decided to print my filled out monthly digital journal page and glue it in right here. I’ll have all the information I need without having to keep up with two journals.

So that’s my September 2022 reading journal spread. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. And making the adjustments has really made journaling less stressful. And a hobby isn’t supposed to be stressful.

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