My 2023 Happy Planner: The Nightmare Before ChristMAS

2023 Happy Planner

I can’t live without a planner. I write down everything. And this is the time of year that I like to buy next year’s planner. This year I was debating between an Erin Condren and The Happy Planner again. I had an Erin Condren last year, and it was ok. But they’ve released a Jurassic Park planner that almost made me overlook the fact that I didn’t love their layouts. But then The Happy Planner released The Nightmare Before Christmas planner and I knew which one to go with. So, let’s unbox my 2023 Happy Planner.

Signature Page

2023 Happy Planner

I loved this planner from the very beginning. Look how cute this signature page is. I adore the dark green color and all the stars. Plus, Jack and Zero give it so much character.

Yearly Calendar

2023 Happy Planner

Sometimes the yearly calendar can be a little plain, but this one isn’t. I absolutely love the whimsical feel. Plus, it has the iconic artwork that this movie is known for.

Daily List

This daily list is one of my favorite parts of the dashboard layout. I love to jot down the books that I read each day. I do wish the lines were just a little bit bigger.

January Cover Page

I adore these cover pages. They’re gorgeous. Each month features a different character and theme. I did hope that they would do something special for October and December, but they didn’t. But they’re pretty either way.

Monthly Page

I love the monthly pages in this layout. They’re pretty on their own, but they also have plenty of room to customize them. I don’t know if The Happy Planner released a sticker set for this collection, but if they did, I might have to invest in it.

Dashboard Layout

The dashboard layout is my favorite layout that I’ve ever used. This year’s planner is the first dashboard layout that I’ve used. I love the list of days because that’s where I plan my meals. Then it gives me plenty of room to make daily lists. It also helps me keep track of goals and errands.

So that’s my 2023 Happy Planner. Do you keep a planner? Which brand is your favorite?

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