Carmilla Review

I’ve been on a mission to read all the spooky classics. So when I heard that Carmilla inspired Dracula I knew I needed to read it. So let’s get to the review.

Deep in the isolated Austrian forest Laura leads a solitary life. Until one night when a horse drawn carriage crashed into view. Bringing with it the beautiful Carmilla. But as Carmilla begins to act strange Laura begins to have horrible nightmares and becomes weaker by the day.

My Thoughts on Carmilla

Carmilla is the quintessential vampire story. It’s an atmospheric gothic horror novel that left me wanting more. Seriously, if you love a good vampire story you need to check this one out.

The setting was desolate and lonely. The author painted a beautiful, spooky scene in the very beginning with the fog floating through the trees on a moonlit night. This book was eerie.

But I feel like I need to mention that the charters aren’t real developed. They did feel a little flat, but I felt like this was a story that I didn’t need a connection to the characters in. Carmilla is definitely plot driven. And I really enjoyed my time reading it. I’m so excited to pick up Dracula now.

My Rating: 4/5

5 thoughts on “Carmilla Review

  1. no but “a mission to read all the spooky classics” SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN????!!! hope you have the most amazing time AND AM DESPERATE FOR ALL THE DETAILS!! also am currently VAMPIRE-OBSESSED (shhh am currently in the middle of falling completely in love with schwab’s first kill SO ANYTHING VAMPIRE IS MY LIFE OK) plus gothic. GOTHIC IS FABULOUS. also i need this.

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