October 2022 Reading Journal

It’s bullet journal time. Usually, I go all out in October, but life is busy. So, this spread a little thrown together, but I like the vibe it gives. Here’s my October 2022 Reading Journal.

Cover Page

October 2022 Reading Journal

I started my cover page off with this spider web. Then I decided that the idea that I had in mind wouldn’t work, so I improvised a little. I decided to include “Something wicked this way comes” because it’s one of my favorite spooky quotes. And since I always imagine the Weird Sisters brewing a bright green potion when I hear that quote, I decided that would be a perfect addition to liven up the page a little.


October 2022 Reading Journal

When I made my tbr page I started with the spiders. Then I noticed a majority of the books I want to read are vampire stories, so I thought vampire teeth would be fitting. My tbr is hard to read here. If you want to see what’s on my tbr check it out here.

Then for my review page I added a ghost because how could I make a Halloween spread without a ghost?

So that’s my October 2022 reading journal.

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